INLEVARIUM born in working and thinking the bread as a landscape. In this case we worked projecting the fermentation process of the sourdough.

Now we can feel submerged in a fermentation process, like a cosmic landscape that we are also part of. If we think, we realize that we are also fermenting.

This work during the residency process at the CIAP.

Using a type of analog technology such as slide projectors and transparent sheet projectors, we proposed two working devices that allowed us to approach two different levels of landscape. We worked with fermentation and sourdough processes and invented a way to project liquid yeast live, with slide projectors. The sourdough in its liquid state was inserted between two small slide glasses and then projected. This allowed us to see the fermentation process in real time. When the fermentation ended, we put a new slide with liquid sourdough and reactivated the work. IN-LEVARIUM.

With projectors, we created an interactive drawing device. The drawing was done directly with flour, salt and seeds on the projector plate and we could see the projection of the drawings that were made.